+ Idea & execution: 
Big idea “GLOWING YOUTH” to inspire young women to enjoy their life,
keep their youth glowing without worry and Bio-Gold will take care for their young beauty: 
- Viral clip: My Linh, Thuan Nguyen, Influencers 
- PR artical, Fanpage, Social Seeding 
- Office Tour 
- MT activation



+ Highlight success: 
- Online: 2 viral clips with 2,8 mio views; Fanpage Reach: 15,3 mio reaches;
CTR: 6.5%; Social Seeding: 20.690 engagements in 2 weeks; Office tour: 10 offices
- MT activation: 60 places in both North and South (AEON, Gaurdian, Vinpro and Office Building)